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External Contributors

The following people have contributed in various capacities to ArCHIAM's research outputs, particularly in the area of design, digital representation and fabrication.

 Manwinder LallManwinder Lall
Manwinder Lall is RIBA Part 3 registered architect with extensive design experience in practice in both the UK and internationally. He is interested in architectural theory, design and representation through the use of a combination of traditional and digital media.
 Paul ColferPaul Colfer
Paul Colfer is a RIBA Part 2 graduate architect working as Architectural Assistant at CPMG Architects. He collaborates with ArCHIAM producing visuals for master plan proposals and 3D printed models of Omani vernacular buildings.
 Konstantina GeorgiadouKonstantina Georgiadou
Konstantina Georgiadou is a RIBA Part 2 graduate architect from Nottingham Trent University. Since 2013 she has been contributing to ArCHIAM in the production of exhibition material as well as in the design and visualisation of master plan schemes.
 Ioulia BarmpoutiIoulia Barmpouti
Ioulia Barmpouti obtained her Master of Architecture at Nottingham Trent University and she is currently collaborating with ArCHIAM as freelance RIBA Part 2 graduate architect producing concept design and visuals for master plan proposals.
 Charlie AdamsCharles Adams
Charles Adams is a RIBA Part 1 graduate architect with a background in land and measured building surveying. In 2013 he did the SPUR placement (Scholarship Projects for Undergraduate Researchers) within ArCHIAM, working on urban analyses and 3D models of traditional Omani oasis settlements.