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Christina Pieri

Doctoral Researcher in Architecture
School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment
Nottingham Trent University

Christina is a RIBA Part 2 architect, with her BArch and MArch degrees obtained at Nottingham Trent University.

Coming from the island of Cyprus, Christina's research interests incline towards heritage restoration approaches in divided areas, particularly Nicosia, where her MArch design thesis project was initially set. During her Masters dissertation, she explored issues surrounding the problematic methods of architectural restoration, whereby using the Neues Museum in Berlin as her main case study. She demonstrated numerous approaches which could potentially embrace architectural heritage without misinterpreting its authentic qualities. Her investigation was received well and was consequently nominated for the RIBA Part 2 Dissertation award in 2012.

Progressing on from the interests she developed during her MArch, through her PhD research, Christina aims to offer an examination of problematic methods of restoration, which misinterpret the authenticity of divided Nicosia's historic monuments and sites.She hopes to produce findings that may be applicable beyond the immediate boundaries of Nicosia and contribute to a cohesive heritage approach between the Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities, as well as other divided areas.

Maps of Walled Nicosia, Cyprus
Analysis of building divisions within Walled Nicosia, Cyprus.
Image: Christina Pieri, 2012

House in Walled Nicosia, Cyprus
Ruined architectural heritage of the buffer zone, Nicosia, Cyprus.
Photos: Christina Pieri, 2012