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Heritage Management Plan

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StatusCompleted (2013)
Heritage Management
ZoneArabian Peninsula
LocationDhahira, Oman
Coordinates23°12'16.41" N, N 56°31'33.83" E
Funded byMinistry of Heritage and Culture, Sultanate of Oman
Nottingham Trent University
Research team

Prof Soumyen Bandyopadhyay
Principal Investigator
Dr Giamila Quattrone

Research Fellow
Dr Martin S. Goffriller

Research Fellow
Dr M Habib Reza

Research Fellow
Haitham Al-Abri

PhD student
Eliza Geranmayeh
Documentation Assistant



Documentation and Heritage Management Plan of Harat as-Sulayf (IBRI)

Situated on the eastern edge of the Ibri oasis the small settlement of as-Sulayf is located in a commanding position, controlling access to the oasis from atop a rocky cliff. The well-defended position, surrounded by towers, walls and demanding topography required the construction a sophisticated water distribution system to serve the needs of the inhabitants domestically and agriculturally.

Harat as-Sulayf (IBRI)
Harat as-Sulayf (Ibri), view of the settlement from the wadi. Photo: ArCHIAM, 2012

The advanced state of decay and repeatedly abortive efforts by local institutions to restore the site has made harat as-Sulayf a priority location for the implementation of targeted preservation strategies. Beyond exhaustive documentation of the architectural fabric of Harat as-Sulayf, this heritage management contains a preliminary master plan, aimed at giving the harat a new lease of life by re-activating the souq and falaj channels amongst other essential measures.

Harat as-Sulayf (IBRI)
Harat as-Sulayf (Ibri): ground floor plan (top left), analysis of morphological development (top right), state of maintenance (bottom right), falaj and water run-off routes (bottom left). Images: ArCHIAM, 2012.

Harat as-Sulayf (IBRI)
Harat as-Sulayf (Ibri), internal view of two-storey house. Photo: ArCHIAM, 2012

Proposal for the redevelopment of the souqProposal for the redevelopment of the souq. Image: ArCHIAM, 2014, visual by Ioulia Barmpouti and Konstantina Georgiadou