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Quattrone, G. & Bandyopadhyay, S., 2012. Integrating heritage management with development. Sustainable conservation and developmental guidelines for Harat as-Saybani, Barkat al-Mawz, Oman.

R. Amoêda, S. Lira & C. Pinheiro, eds. Heritage 2012. Barcelos: Green Lines Institute

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By culturally and technically informing Heritage Management Guidelines a revitalization of Harat as-Saybani has been advocated, which is centred on education, training and skill development focused on traditional knowledge of the built environment and the crafts. The intention is to move away from an entirely tourism focused development towards a more sustainable alternative, where traditional and everyday activities too may play an important role in the local economy. Education, research and skills training in heritage and allied areas, as well as in traditional crafts, become the central focus of the programmatic input, which is felt to be dovetailed with touristic and commercial activities.

The guidelines produced for Harat as-Saybani take a holistic view of development, which goes beyond the idea of the settlement as an assemblage of built structures and artefacts to give specific attention to the present state of life and future aspirations of the inhabitants, ownership status of structures and the opportunity for public-private partnership. It is felt that the best way to ensure sustained reuse of the settlement is through making it meaningful to the present and future generations. The key to this is approaching development and conservation from an integrated economic, social and cultural perspective that is of relevance to all stakeholders. The proposed developments should generate significant economic activity and social capital, while ensuring appropriate interpretation of cultural and historical values of the past.

Keywords: Omani traditional oasis settlements, heritage and society, integrated heritage management, sustainable conservation and development

Author(s)Giamila Quattrone, Soumyen Bandyopadhyay
SubjectHeritage and sustainable development
Area coveredOman
PublisherGreen Lines Institute
Publication date2012
TypeConference paper


Harat as-Saybani, Barkat al-Mawz
Harat as-Saybani, Barkat al-Mawz.
Photo: ArCHIAM, 2011

Harat al-Aqr, Nizwa
Harat al-Aqr, Nizwa.
Photo: ArCHIAM, 2011

Harat al-Aqr, Bahla
Harat al-Aqr, Bahla.
Photo: ArCHIAM, 2011